I've honest to God been meaning to publish this post for the past two months, but got buried deep in work and kept putting it off. Then with the whirlwind of summer and transitioning from one job to another, I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few hours of sleep in between.

But without further ado, I've been dying to share this look! I had the opportunity to attend the annual Fashion Art Toronto Arts and Fashion Week right here in the amazing city of Toronto, with my good friend (and business partner). Being the fashion show virgin that I am, I didn't quite know what to expect, let alone what to wear for that matter! 

So, for this event, I waited until the morning of to rummage through the pits of my closet in search of the ensemble that would scream "I'm here!" without looking like I'm trying too hard, you know? I'd like to think that I'm not the only person that chooses my outfit based on how I'm feeling that day (feel free to agree with me here). 
I paired my favorite leather skater skirt with a black bra-let, knee high socks, and the most comfortable Chelsea boots that I've been living in. To tie the look together, I added this bright yellow blazer that I fished out of my mother's closet. 
Needless to say, I was had a great time and met a lot of amazing people. These are some of the shots that we took outside of the venue. 

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