I've honest to God been meaning to publish this post for the past two months, but got buried deep in work and kept putting it off. Then with the whirlwind of summer and transitioning from one job to another, I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few hours of sleep in between.

But without further ado, I've been dying to share this look! I had the opportunity to attend the annual Fashion Art Toronto Arts and Fashion Week right here in the amazing city of Toronto, with my good friend (and business partner). Being the fashion show virgin that I am, I didn't quite know what to expect, let alone what to wear for that matter! 

So, for this event, I waited until the morning of to rummage through the pits of my closet in search of the ensemble that would scream "I'm here!" without looking like I'm trying too hard, you know? I'd like to think that I'm not the only person that chooses my outfit based on how I'm feeling that day (feel free to agree with me here). 
I paired my favorite leather skater skirt with a black bra-let, knee high socks, and the most comfortable Chelsea boots that I've been living in. To tie the look together, I added this bright yellow blazer that I fished out of my mother's closet. 
Needless to say, I was had a great time and met a lot of amazing people. These are some of the shots that we took outside of the venue. 

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These past few winter weeks have been brutal and I've more or less morphed into my layered pants and leggings combo, chunky sweaters, boots, and as many pairs of socks as I can double up on. Winter in Canada means that all regards for fashion go out the window and you trade in all your favorite labels for fur and fleece. I was quite excited this past Thursday when I was able to shake the dust off my closet doors, and pull out this outfit to wear to the Keys 'n Krates event at York University. I opted for a pop of color because bright hues are so therapeutic for me and always make me feel cheery. Though is was unbearably cold, the sun was shining and gave me a little motivation to snap a few shots -- in my bedroom, of course. To finish it off this look, I threw on my favorite pair of distressed combat boots.

Top - New Look / Leggings - Garage / Demin Top - H&M / Boots - Stepss

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sleek makeup

It's no secret that I'm a crazy product junkie -- I love trying out new products and finding new favorites to play around with. After all, how are you able to figure out what does and doesn't work for you if you do not allow yourself the flexibility to explore what is out there? It's simple math, really. My current experimental product is the Sleek MakeUP Bare Skin Foundation and for a drug store product (Superdrug in the UK), I can't say that I hate it. What I love most about this foundation is that it provides a natural finish without covering every single imperfection and flattening the appearance of your face. This will definitely be my go to product for the days that I don't want to go all Walking Dead on the world without tapping into my higher end foundation vault.

What's your favorite everyday foundation?

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I'll be the first to admit that as much as I drool over beautiful eye shadow colors and shades, I might as well have two feet for hands when it comes to application. I've watched countless YouTube videos and I rarely find myself succeeding in the repetition department. However, once in a blue moon I'll have a breakthrough moment and create an amazing look -- which is more often than not, short lived and never duplicated again. There was a point to this post, I promise...

I'm a sucker for minimalism and elegance so I thought what better way to channel my inner (very deep within) budding make up artist and love of simplicity, than to purchase this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Palette. These color combinations allow me to create an array of looks from over-the-top to barely-there with great ease. I cannot stress enough how much I love the pigmentation of these small but long lasting colors -- a little goes a very long way. I opted for this neutral eye shadow palette because it enables me to be daring in wearing eye make up without sporting dramatic shades.

What are your favorite neutral palettes? 

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Contrary to popular belief, money can very well buy happiness -- well, assuming that you're searching in the right stores. During my three week adventure/holiday in England, I discovered the amazing world of ASOS online shopping (kudos to my shopaholic brother in law) and I haven't looked back since. I'm talking next day delivery and 70% off the entire store! I was in retail heaven. Initially, and probably the whole reason why I have never been a fan of online shopping, I was very skeptical about making online clothing purchases because I am a strong believer in trying clothes on before purchasing (for obvious reasons) and I didn't want to bother myself with the agony of returning items that didn't fit or simply being deceived by the photos on the website. *Plot twist* Well, I'll be damned. The rest is history. 

My favorite purchase by far, without a doubt, is these gold tipped brogues. The gold detail and shiny finish provides a classy and feminine touch to this oxford shoe that could very well be found in the men's department of most clothing stores. Being the anti stiletto person that I am, I love incorporating shoes into my closet that allow me to dress up any outfit without the discomfort. You can find these shoes here!

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Red strikes me as the color that demands (but rightfully deserves) attention and is always ready and willing to be the topic of any discussion. Recently, I've began the moderate transition of adapting this bold color into my closet and I'm beginning to believe that red really is the new black (well, for me anyway). Personally, I am thoroughly convinced that red is without end, a sultry color that looks divine on every skin tone, especially in lipstick form! 

As I went into London today to sight see and explore the beautiful city with my family, I wanted to create an ensemble that would be equally refined and comfortable as we would be walking around for majority of the day. Seeing that the weather is highly unpredictable, I reached for my Hunter Wellys and combined them with a pair of black wax-finish jeggings (leggings meet jeans), and opted for a simple long sleeve sweater, so that all the focus would be directed to this statement trench coat. 

Shoes: Back Adjustable Hunter Rain Boots / Pants: Urban Planet / Top: Ralph Lauren Long-Sleeve Striped Stretch Cotton Tee (Similar) / Coat: George Funnel Neck Coat / Scarf: Thrifted / Bag: Borrowed 

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distressed denim

leather jacket

biker jacket

Come sunshine or rain, fall or winter, I do not discriminate when it comes to wearing my absolute favorite pair of ripped jeans. I've legitimately lived in these jeans for over two years. Over time, the wear and tear (literally) has improved the distressed look a great deal, making me adore these pants more and more! Funny story. When I first bought these jeans, the rips were merely slits that barely exposed any skin. Fast forward two years and we have a refined master piece on our hands.

I incorporated my biker jacket, custom ripped jeans and Chelsea boots for a laid back, grunge look, but made sure to keep warm with a fuzzy semi-turtle neck sweater underneath. I wore this look on this gloomy, winter's afternoon while doing some last minute shopping before heading back home to Canada. It's crazy that in a few days I'll be knee deep in good old Canadian snow, freezing my toes off, wishing I was still in rainy London. 

Jeans: Garage / Sweater: Next (Similar) / Purse: Borrowed (thanks, sis!) / Jacket: Zara Biker Jacket / Shoes: ASOS Chunky Chelsea boots 

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Forget what the unwritten rules proclaim in regards to combining alike textures/patterns together and "clashing" colors; fashion is all about you. Your comfort, creative expression, and sense of style. I love coloring outside the lines and swimming against the current - in other words, I highly dislike conforming. Everyone will always have their own ideas and views in the world of fashion about what looks good and what doesn't reach the bench mark, however, as the saying goes, beauty (and style) is in the eye of the beholder. 

In the spirit of embracing the beautiful weather I'm experiencing in England (windy but snow-free nonetheless), I decided that this casual denim on denim look was perfect for this windy afternoon. I really like the idea of putting together the distressed denim shirt and these dark wash jeans for a contrasted look.

Top: CELINE Paris Tee (Amazon) / Long-sleeve Demin Shirt (H&M) / Jeans: Levi's Demi Curve / Shoes: Low Cut Classic Converse / Wallet: Kate Space New York 

What are your favorite rule breaking looks? 

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For this look, I paired my Beige trench coat with black leggings, a black long sleeve tee, and threw on a statement pashmina scarf to add some personality to this put together 'fit. 

In the efforts of revamping my wardrobe and investing in simple, staple pieces to improve my not-so-minimalistic life, I've been wracking my brain, searching high and low for the perfect tan trench coat. I imagined this beautiful, neutral coat to rock during the fall and winter months, but for the life of me I couldn't get my hands on the right one! I wanted that effortless boyfriend fit, a little bit above the knee in length, double breasted buttons, and a color that reminds me of melted caramel and butter. I mean, am I asking for too much?! After weeks of online window shopping, I stumbled into a local thrift shop this afternoon and found the current love of my life. Perfect size, condition, and barely worn. Quite frankly at this point, I would have paid $100 bucks for that thing, used and all, that's how determined I was to add this piece to my collection. To my surprise, I ended up spending a measly $24.99 for the Fairweather Classic and I couldn't be happier. Below, I took the liberty of creating a clean and simple fall outfit that is perfect for a casual date night, featuring the currently trending trench. 

Get This Look:

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