Contrary to popular belief, money can very well buy happiness -- well, assuming that you're searching in the right stores. During my three week adventure/holiday in England, I discovered the amazing world of ASOS online shopping (kudos to my shopaholic brother in law) and I haven't looked back since. I'm talking next day delivery and 70% off the entire store! I was in retail heaven. Initially, and probably the whole reason why I have never been a fan of online shopping, I was very skeptical about making online clothing purchases because I am a strong believer in trying clothes on before purchasing (for obvious reasons) and I didn't want to bother myself with the agony of returning items that didn't fit or simply being deceived by the photos on the website. *Plot twist* Well, I'll be damned. The rest is history. 

My favorite purchase by far, without a doubt, is these gold tipped brogues. The gold detail and shiny finish provides a classy and feminine touch to this oxford shoe that could very well be found in the men's department of most clothing stores. Being the anti stiletto person that I am, I love incorporating shoes into my closet that allow me to dress up any outfit without the discomfort. You can find these shoes here!

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