What have I done to put myself out there? As an aspiring writer, I surely cannot expect to depend on my words alone to get me the audience and attention I need to become successful and known to the world, amongst a plethora of amazing writers, authors, and editors. You could be the world's greatest writer, photographer, DIY-er, but if your ideas are not put out onto public platforms to be seen, then what good is your craft? Over the years I have dedicated so much time into creating a blog that represents me as a person, writer, and self proclaimed creative genius but I never quite got the following I was hoping for. I posted regular basis, took pictures, created an engaging layout for my blog, and still couldn't get any traffic. Other than family members and friends that visited and read my blog out of pity, I didn't have a real audience. I realized that my real problem was that I was my own worst enemy. I didn't share my ideas and hobby with the world mainly because I was afraid of being shut down or looked down upon for even thinking that my blog could come anywhere close to being anything more that a pipe dream. So, in the spirit of becoming a better business woman and building a brand for myself, I comprised a list of three key things that new bloggers and creatives should consider. 

Hone your Craft!

Put yourself out there! Tell a friend, your neighbor, the lady that waxes your eyebrows, the guy that bags your groceries at your local supermarket, heck, even tell your dog! Surely, you cannot expect people to know information that you do not put out there in the first place. Be proud of what you do and if you start to take more seriously, then other people will too. Post your latest blog posting on Twitter, Facebook, whatever! Put your work out anywhere that eyes can land on and you are sure to notice an increase in readers and positive feedback.

Create Platform Accounts

Until recently, I had never thought of posting my writing onto platforms that are solely dedicated to writers and bloggers nor did I know that such things existed. I think of the amount of time I spend on Bloglovin', Google+, and tons of other creative platforms, searching for blogs to read for entertainment and inspiration but never once did I consider posting my own work on those same sites that I depend on. There is an abundance of opportunities to gain exposure among other writers and bloggers in your niche and it would be a shame to miss out on that. Platform accounts are also a great way to network with fellow writers and allow you to create your own little online community of virtual friends.

Be More Organized

I am guilty of making mental notes when I become inspired during times that I am away from my computer . I rely on my brain, which has been known to leave me in the dust, to remember everything I need to do from the second I wake up to the moment I lay my head down on my pillow at night. It is very important to keep a written to do list that is readily accessible at any moment in time. Another way to stay on top of your tasks is to have a calendar dedicated to your work so that you can see deadlines and important dates ahead of time. Relying on electronic lists and calendars isn't always the best options because as we all know, they too can fail from time to time. There is nothing worse than accidentally deleting or forgetting to save crucial information after spending so much time creating it! If you must keep digital reminders, always have a back up method such as a pocket journal to ensure that your work is safely stored at all times.

As always, continue to push yourself to reach new levels and explore beyond your area of expertise. Understanding that there is more to being a writer and blogger than sitting in front of your computer screen day after day typing a thousand words a minute, is key. Learning about graphic designing can help you give your blog's appearance the face lift it needs, same as acquiring basic photography skills can help you produce better pictures to post on your blog along with your written work. 

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