Winter has officially arrived and if you live in the arctic country of Canada like I do, you'll know this statement to be true! We've learned to welcome the crazy cold and mounds of snow with smiles and open arms. Ok, who am I kidding... we still run at the sight of flurries falling, but nonetheless, I felt that this post was very appropriate as the brisk days of fall are leaving and the colder days are following closely behind to make a dreaded appearance.  

I'm excited to introduce my current line up of favorite boots, both practical and fashionable. Who says you can't look dashing while treading through snow and dodging rain drops?! There's something about being bundled up in layers of jackets, wool knit sweaters, cute scarfs, gloves and hats and a great pair of boots, (can't forget the take-away coffee in hand!) that makes me love the fall/winter months. 

fall boots

The Hunter Wellington Boots (or Welly's to our English friends) are my most recent purchase that I've been eyeing for a while not but couldn't decide on the classic black color or an obnoxious red. I decided on the black. I concluded that I was already too much to handle, all 5 foot 2 inches of me, I didn't need a loud pair of boots to throw into the mix. 
I opted for the pair with the adjustable strap at the back mostly because when I wear my Hunter socks, it is virtually impossible to get my feet into the boots, let alone my calves. What I love about these boots is that they can be worn year around on rainy days but they can also double up as waterproof winter boots when paired with the Hunter fleece socks which are unbelievably warm. Since Hunters are legitimate rubber, as oppose to imitation rubber, (fake rubber = fubber?) they are a super durable and long lasting closet staple. 

Up until I upgraded to Hunters, the grey fur-lined Tretorn's were my go to boots for the past 3 or so years. I think they are a great alternative as they run significantly cheaper and do not require the purchase of socks to increase the lining. However, as waterproof and cute as they are, they are not the warmest. Since they are already fit pretty snug as a result of the faux fur lining, I found it a bit uncomfortable to layer or wear thicker socks with these boots as they are not created for that purpose. I solely (pun not intended, I swear) reach for these during the cooler fall months but not as much on the chilly winter days. 

Last but not least, who doesn't own distressed combat boots?! These are a must have for anyone with feet! My favorite thing about these is that because they are very light, they can literally be worn year round, even in the summer, to add an edgy touch to any outfit. As we wave goodbye to the warmer months, I simply pair these combats with calf high wool socks to keep warm while adding a feminine touch to the grunge look. 

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