I'll be the first to admit that as much as I drool over beautiful eye shadow colors and shades, I might as well have two feet for hands when it comes to application. I've watched countless YouTube videos and I rarely find myself succeeding in the repetition department. However, once in a blue moon I'll have a breakthrough moment and create an amazing look -- which is more often than not, short lived and never duplicated again. There was a point to this post, I promise...

I'm a sucker for minimalism and elegance so I thought what better way to channel my inner (very deep within) budding make up artist and love of simplicity, than to purchase this gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Palette. These color combinations allow me to create an array of looks from over-the-top to barely-there with great ease. I cannot stress enough how much I love the pigmentation of these small but long lasting colors -- a little goes a very long way. I opted for this neutral eye shadow palette because it enables me to be daring in wearing eye make up without sporting dramatic shades.

What are your favorite neutral palettes? 

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