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Heading into the lovely season of dark colors, layers, and bundling up, I thought I would share my favorite jeans for the fall months. The good Lord blessed me with a curvy figure that sometimes makes it a tad difficult to shop for the right pair of jeans that fit oh-so-snug. I find myself having to choose between jeans that will fit my legs and thighs but drown my waist requiring me to singe them taut with a belt and creating that bulging effect in the back that we all hate, or, simply going for the pair that fits my waist right but leaves my thighs glued together, giving me the inability to climb stairs or even walk for that matter. So, you can imagine my joy when I finally decided that it was time to put this jean misery to rest!

I've narrowed it down to my two favorite denim styles, ensuring that I incorporated both lower end and mediocre prices ranges. Both fit equally like a glove and allow the fabric to move and mold to your curves and crevices. 

1. The Levi's Bold Curve ID Jeans allow you to pick the length of your pants as well as your waist and hip measurements to create the perfect fit, especially for height challenged people like myself, who don't want to go through the hassle of altering/hemming post purchase. 

2. The Old Navy Rockstar Fit. Great fit, great price. Down side? The length is made to tailor to the non-existent "one size fits all" margin that never really seem to actually fit all. Ironic, huh? In any case, if you are looking for something on the cheaper end for a classic demin wash, these beauties are it. 

Not all women are created to fit into mannequin size bottoms, nor are we built like a 12-year old prepubescent boys. Now, these two picks are simply the ones that I found to fit my body best, and I am certain that there are a ton of brands and styles out there that will suit different body types to a T. 

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