Religiously, as each year ends, mankind begins to comprise massive lists of the things we want to do/see/change/feel/think/etc. in order to make ourselves feel better about the not-so-great year that has recently passed, and give us something to look forward to in the coming year. So in the spirit of reinvention and the over-abused "new year, new me" conundrum, I've created a much more exciting version of the coveted New Year practice. As of late, I've been working extremely hard and dedicating a lot of time into blogging and creating a space I can be proud of, though I am still nowhere close to where I want to be. I've learned the hard way that blogging is not an easy hobby (or career for that matter) and I'm prepared to put in the time to get the results. It's not to say that once I've reached the end of my list, I will sit on my lazy behind and watch the readers pour in and allow PR inquiries to flood my inbox. Instead, this is an effort to re-brand myself as well as my blog so that it may attract the right crowd, so to speak, and have a voice of it's own that will demand attention and respect. 

So, without further adieu, here is my current blog resolution list.

Photography. I like to believe that though the words on a blog draw readers to continue returning, the pictures are the initial bait. I am beyond obsessed with quality photographs and I envy those who can produce jaw dropping images that look effortless to the untrained eye. I recently graduated from my good ol' iPhone 5 camera to some big kid equipment known to the tech savvy kids as the Canon Rebel XSI.

Commitment. In my opinion, one of the hardest things for a new blogger to accomplish is adapting to the idea of creating, organizing, and executing content rich posts on a regular basis (if not daily). This is an area that I am certainly guilty of - it's much easier to put it off for a "few more days" until you find the right time in which you'll rush a post and slap on a sub par picture and call it a day. It's time for me to make use of that blank notebook that I have sitting at bottom of the black hole I call a purse, collecting mounds of dust. 

Social Media. I have to admit, I am very reluctant to share my posts on the social world to people that I know, as strange as that sounds. We live in the decade of judgment and scrutiny and I don't think I'm quite ready to be the subject of ridicule amongst my peers - BUT like all fears, it must be faced sooner or later (though I'm quite content with the latter). 
Being active on social networks allows for a handful, if not more, of readers that can become the foundation of your growing fan base. I suppose that my social circle contains more supporters than critics, and it will be very beneficial for my growth to take advantage of those that know me best. 

Narrowing my Niche. Again, another area that I strive to perfect. It seems rather simple to create a purposeless archive of posts that vary in topics and have no relation to one another and I find this to be a common trend in the blogging world. However, quality over quantity always reigns. Always. Limiting the subject focus on my blog will allow me to give more detail and attention to the things I am most passionate about and in turn, creating pieces that are ample and full of leverage. 

What are your 2015 resolutions?

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