love your lines


In all of my years of exploring the social media world, I've never been thoroughly impressed by such an empowering campaign as LYL. Created by two moms, this IG account gives women the opportunity to show their true selves in a community of selfless and non judgmental humans. LYL allows women from all around the world from all walks of life, to submit pictures of their "lines" i.e. stretch marks, as a way to glorify their tiger stripes and connect with fellow women on an personal and intimate level. These brave women allow themselves to be seen in their raw and vulnerable state and it is so moving to see these women reach out to one another like a sisterhood to a degree, to encourage one another to love their bodies. Their lines tell stories of trials and tribulations, whether it be puberty, weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or simply a gift from the good Lord above. Love your Lines is such an amazing movement that defies the 'norm' of airbrushed bodies and size 00 models that the media has brainwashed us all to believe is the true meaning of beauty. LYL teaches us that beauty comes from self confidence and embracing one's flaws because after all, they are what make us unique. 

Instagram: @loveyourlines 

humans of new york


Brandon Stanton literally restores my faith in humanity. His profound outlook on everyday people makes me stop and ask myself, "what's my story?", because simply put, this is what he does. He peels back the rough layers and unearths the stories of strangers' lives. HONY is comprised of interviews and raw, beautifully shot portraits of everyday people, and it's simplicity is breathtaking. It's guaranteed to motivate you to go out there and change the world! It sheds light on the things we take for granted and forces you to think twice before judging a stranger. Words cannot describe the degree of awesomeness that oozes from this photoblog. You'll hardly being to comprehend until you check it out yourself. 

Instagram: @humansofny

we never met


This one never fails to make me smile. It is an account that showcases series of photographs of strangers with their faces concealed or their backs turned, captioned with an imaginary conversation that the people might quite possibly be having or simply a short blurb explaining the scenario in question. The greatest part is that most of the time (ok, all of the time), the dialogues and captions are so witty and absurd, yet they create a meaningful backstory. We Never Met is a light-hearted and comical approach to photoblogging and the analysis of human behavior.  

Instagram: @wenevermet 

Photos by: Love Your Lines, Humans of New York, and We Never Met

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