Quite a view, huh? I can certainly do without the black ice, feet upon feet of snow, slush covered sidewalks, and frost bitten toes that is brought to you by the coldest country in North America. Gotta love Canada, eh? 
Seven hours, 3000+ miles later, my brother and I landed in London, England just shy of 9pm. Ok, I know what you're thinking... I guess the weather is no better on this end of the world but you know what, rain beats mounds of snow any day in my books. 

I cannot remember the last time that I woke up without an alarm clock wailing within arms reach or without hitting the snooze button so many times that I end up running out the door with my shoes on backwards. I've had my fair share of these days and I'm ready to give them up without a moments notice. Half way to the airport I knew that I'd spend the entire flight toppled over with sleep, trying to keep my head from falling off my shoulders. Being the planner that I am, I wolfed down an Angus burger and fries prior to boarding, and hibernated the whole way through and believe me when I say this: it was the best sleep I've had in a very, very long time.

These past few months have been uber stressful as I've worked day and night, constantly hitting overtime (I mean slaving away) to save up money that somehow always seemed to slip right through my fingers. Student loans and bills will do that, I tell ya. If I can be honest here, I'm running away from my responsibilities. So I suppose this trip isn't much of a vacation as it is a getaway in every aspect of the word. Three weeks should be more than enough time to get me back to my old, optimistic self in exchange for this overtired, cynical version of my once was self. I'm looking forward to seeing family, catching up with my sister, and accompanying my younger brother as he discovers the land of the British folk. I mean, I'm in Europe for crying out loud, how can one not be blown to pieces?!
This one is to an amazing and love filled Christmas, New Year, and a great start to '15. 


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