My style for accessories and a number of my most recent looks are inspired by 90s fashion; high waist mom jeans, oversized blazers, Chelsea boots, denim on denim (or anything Levi's for that matter), and my absolute favorite -  the grunge inspired combat boots, plaid shirts, leather jackets, beanies, knee high socks, and dark lipstick combinations. My selections in regards to watches are equally inspired by throwback fashion that is making it's way back into store windows and high end fashion magazines. 

There is something simple yet very appealing about a men's time piece that I've been drawn to recently. I love the big face, subtle detail, and solid strap that combined, add a polished finish to any look. They are neither dainty nor feminine, rather they are bold and dynamic. Men's fashion is making it's way into the closets of women all around the world, who are embracing their individuality by customizing common trends. Back are the times of expression through style! Watch out gentlemen, sister's are no longer the only ones who need to worry about sharing clothes anymore! The four pieces that I have chosen below are all from ASOS. 

asos men's watches

(via ASOS)

1. Vintage Style Boyfriend Strap 

2. Monochrome Round Dial 

3. Casio A168WG-9EF Gold Plated Digital 

4. UNKNOWN Navy Leather Strap 

What are you favorite male fashion accessories? 

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  1. I love the casio gold watch :) x



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